Fatkike pulled the plug; I’m parking this blog. 25 May 2019

OK, getting into the guts of the Admin section I see Fatkike pulled his own plug. Which is fine by me as I gave this blog to Fatkike to do with as he chooses. On my last Skype coonversation with Fatkike I said that he was responsible for paying for the domain name and privacy settings once the domain name cum up for renewal early next year.

I think that Fatkike is nuts. Balkanoids are susceptible to such. I thought that like Cunthair Walrus and his blog that blogging would be therapeutic to ZOGtards of the GenX variety. And it is until they go off the rails, theyz’ cheese falls off theyz’ cracker, theyz’ mental mainspring goes from cracked to absolute catastrophic failure.

Problem is is that this Fatkike blog is on my shared hosting and I see attempts to hack in. So I changed the passwords, locked Fatkike out, and am now parking this blog until such time as Fatkike cares or wants to set up his own web hosting elsewhere.

But you know Fatkike’s name !!! Can’t you pull a Tattered Flag trick like Wolfowitz Wailing-Wall Stein / Boob from DC and blackmail Fatkike into proper behavior?

Sure I can. But I don’t do that shit. I deliberately don’t want promising talent to reveal itself to me. In the normal course of events Fatkike revealed his name to me and the forwarding address that the Post Office sent me after Fatkike refused to live in the tent certainly made all things plain. Fatkike is a Czech with checks from his Czech family who want to make sure that theyz’ brother, son and nephew remains free range at least 50 miles from Chicago. Nothing wrong with that. Fatkike is a free-range ZOGtard and I’m fine with that. In fact, I urged him to buy a small camper and hook it up to his small SUV and roam the ZOGland, eating at the McDonalds, camping out at the Walmart parking lots and blogging away with podcasts like WereTard. When Fatkike WereTard inevitably wears out his welcum-cum he can be at least two counties away parked in the county seat’s Walmart and eating high on the Mickey D’s the very next day, living on 5 or 10 ZOGbux per day and making everyone who knows Fatkike very very happy that he is still alive and out of theys’ hair.

Did you make a copy of Fatkike’s blog? Well yes, along with the rest of my stuff every month. I have a backup from March and April. But this is Fatkike’s blog. Some of Fatkike’s material that I found cumpelling I posted to my WhiteNationalist.org forum when it was written. But since Fatkike chose to delete his blog, I have no doubt that Fatkike probably made a backup before he pulled its plug. Maybe he is blogging elsewhere. In any case, Fatkike is unlikely to file a DMCA cumplaint because that would mean that Fatkike would have to do so under his real name and a paranoid ZOGtard like Fatkike isn’t likely to do any such thang.

So the best solution is stasis. Fatkike is back in Peoria where he is getting the Czech checks. Doubtless his landlord is poisoning him. The skank neighbor next door finds him hottt but he don’t want no pussy from her. Fatkike has both my home and cell phone numbers. We still have a Skype coonection. Fatkike can call . . . I see no reason to call him. I left Fatkike in the same coondition I found him — fucked up in the head and unable to take responsibility for his coondition and lot in life and in Peoria where it all started out and Fatkike’s rich relatives can summon him to Chicago and hand out the largess.

I’ve changed Fatkike’s status and password. There is nothing much left of this blog. The domain name will expire eventually. I recognize Fatkike’s ability once he self-channels and self-motivates. But his paranoia and self-centeredness makes it difficult to impossible to work with him. He can call but he probably won’t. I don’t want any entryways to my material although I do a monthly backup and a weekly one when threatened. So I’m parking this domain for now and sealing it off from the rest of my web pages.

Hail Victory !!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt

Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri